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What programs do you use

2010-05-26 15:40:31 by BeautifulMercy

I'm trying to make an animation and I wanna know what program to use and how I can get it.

It's all over mah page and Eye have to purposely mispell certain words so Eye, meh, or mah won't be replaced with some douchebags name

What's going on

2010-02-28 16:06:39 by BeautifulMercy

Something is going on with mah page

Sign this Petition - Put Corporal punishment back in schools

2010-01-30 18:38:08 by BeautifulMercy

That's why

Better it be teachers putting bruises on our asses than seeing fights and a bunch of dumbasses watching it. Same with those stupid gangs.

Sign this Petition - Put Corporal punishment back in schools

Help me Blam my song

2010-01-29 19:07:34 by BeautifulMercy

I need that song blammed before it gets worse. My bandmates are pissed at me for putting it up

Advice Please

2009-09-29 17:36:12 by BeautifulMercy

I need to know how to make videos like you guys I always wanted to know that since I was 10